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Nice 0.8 Carats Ruby Specimen from Pailin

Nice 0.8 Carats Ruby Specimen from Pailin

This is a nicely colored and faceted Ruby. You may ask for a quotation for this type of product and even calibrated lots.
Sales price $240.00
Base price $240.00
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The gem's images are not touched-up with photoshop nor taken in a professional studio.

They are pictures taken indoors and outdoors, with and without light or flash, so you can get an idea of the gemstone as realistic as possible. 

Gem's Weight:
0.8 Carat
Heated only, no chemical nor glass filling
L 5.2mm / W 5.3mm / H 3.15mm
Diamond Cut
Pailin, Cambodia

Large 44 Carats Square Cut White Topaz from Sri Lanka
44 Carats White Topaz
Sales price: $280.00

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