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Garnet and Rhodolite Wholesale starting 2$ /ct

Retail and wholesale Red and Pink Garnets and Purple Rhodolite from 2 to 20$ per carat. 2$ wholesale price applies to garnets lots where about 20% of the stones are chipped and a little cracked but the majority is fine. Stones are usually below 1ct.
Salesprice with discount
Base price $8.00

Please contact us with your requirements and we will produce updated images of the corresponding available gems. Please mention the desired number of stones, color, cut and dimensions. We have a grate supply of Garnet family gems, mainly from Tanzania and Madagascar. We propose very competitive sales prices for grouped purchase of faceted rhodolite of any shape as well as calibrated lots. Starting at 2$ per carat for gems lots below 1 ct of red Garnet. 

Total Weight:
as per order
Gem's Weight:
as per order
Number of stones:
as per order
stone(s) in this lot
oval, cushion, heart, fancy, round, pairs
Tanzania and Madagascar
Product Weight: 1.0000 g
Product Packaging: 0.0350 kg

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