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5.96 Carats Calibrated Pair of Rhodolite

Buy Calibrated Pair of Rhodolite, professional gemstones supplier. 5.96 Carats Calibrated Pair of Rhodolite

Calibrated pair of Rhodolite from Ngorongoro, Tanzania.
Calibration: cut 0.3mm, color 95%
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Base price $120.00
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The gem's images are not touched-up with photoshop nor taken in a professional studio.

They are pictures taken indoors and outdoors, with and without light or flash, so you can get an idea of the gemstone as realistic as possible. 

Gem's Weight:
5.96 Carats
Natural - Untreated
W 7.5-7 / H 5.6-9mm
Tanzania, Africa

Rough Rhodolite Garnet by Kilo.
Rough Rhodolite by Kilo
Sales price: $150.00

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