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Ruby, Sapphire and Fine Gems Currently Available in Pailin

If you see something you may like please use the contact form (don't forget to let us know the URL of the page where you found the stone). We will then collect that stone, take more pictures and help you acquire it.

Most prices are negotiable (usually 10~50%, sometimes more so don't hesitate to give your price, see what happens. We add a standard mark-up to cover our operational costs so it's really up to the seller, we only facilitate and handle logistics). 

These stones are usually not available for long but we try to keep the page updated. 

It is already difficult to get real Pailin gems when buying in Pailin so one can guess that most of the so-called Pailin Ruby and Sapphire sold worldwide are from other origins, if not Beryllium / Cobalt diffusion treated. 

Buying directly from local mines and farmers we have the advantage of being able to guarantee the origin of our Pailin gems and can supply gemologists and aficionados with real, authentic and original Pailin Ruby and Sapphire. 

Real and Original Pailin Rough Ruby and Sapphire from the mine.

Here we present some examples of rough, untreated, not even washed (nor acid cleaned) rough from Pailin so you can acquire them for gemological study or collection. 

These stones don't come cheap, even in Pailin and even in Pailin you may find quality African gems at a quarter of the price of the real Pailin Rubies and Sapphires. 

If you are interested in some of these pieces please send us a mail so we can check our current stock. Some of these gems are of best quality and shape to be faceted and can be pretty expensive, some are more included and are perfect for the study of inclusions or foreign crystals. 

If you purchase some of these stones you can as us to clean them for you or to facet their wider side for microscope study. 

It is very difficult to purchase rough online, without seeing it in your had, and because we are looking forward to developing a regular client base we will give you the proper evaluation of the stones you like as well as the fair market value of such real Pailin gemstones. 

Please also note that by the time you contact us some of these stones may have been sold and new ones made available, so just tell us the color and size you are looking for and we will see if we have it. 

While they are widely rejected by the gemologist society for not being real gems, Glass filled ruby are now an integral part of the gemstones trade whether you want to avoid them or can't afford something expensive. 

Pailin Gemstones proposes various types of rubies and sapphires, rough and faceted, treated, with lead glass and various techniques of coloration, these stones are very cheap and sold at retail or wholesale whether it is for gemological study or simply to use as a fashion jewellery.

All these stones were enhanced in Chanthaburi, Thailand.

Prices from 2$ to 20$ per carat

Download the images below as a .zip file 


Real Pailin Sapphire gold ring
Real Pailin Sapphire gold ring
The main stone is declared 1.5ct, Pailin origin, heated without chemicals. 

Cost of the Ring: 1,800$, not negotiable. 

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Real Pailin Sapphire

Total 2.3 carats @ 400$ these 3 small Sapphire can be set or kept as collectibles for having such particular Pailin colors. 

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Pear shape blue Sapphire.

Seller claims it is from Pailin but it's not possible to verify; it's still a very nice stone. 

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Calibrated red Ruby lots.

Probably treated these sets of calibrated ruby, drop and oval shapes, are sold at 100$ per carat, minimum order: 3ct. 

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Buy blue drop Sapphire ebay

Seller claims that this beautiful blue Sapphire drop is from Pailin but it's not possible to verify; it's still a very nice stone. 

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Pink and Blue Sapphire from Tanzania

Total of 1327 Carats in this bag of Rough Sapphire from the Dodoma Region in Tanzania: 1,800$

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Perfect purple color Rhodolite

4 large purple Rhodolite from NgoroNgoro Tanzania, total over 66 Carats (over 3g per stone), perfect color!

On sale for 650$ 550$ 

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Potpourri of small size but mainly good quality rocks of Amethysts, Opal, Colored Ruby and Sapphire, Green and Blue Apatite, Garnets and Rhodolite and more... 

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Rhodolite Kilo-Kilo

Very good %, consistent and good color. 

4KG in stock. 

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