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6.2 ct Blue Zircon from Ratanakiri

This Ratanakiri blue Zircon has the particularity to be a large 12 by10 mm stone without having to be very high; it is a pretty flat stone but very well cut to bring shine all over the stone like a 10mm high 12 ct stone would do. This blue Zircon has a certain white color zoning and offers a very bright shine.
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Pictures taken indoors and outdoors, under shade or direct sunlight, with and without light or flash, so you can get an idea of the gemstone as realistic as possible. 

Gem's Weight:
6.2 ct
L12.1mm / W 9.9mm / H 5.35mm
Charcoal Heated
Product Weight: 2.0000 g
Product Packaging: 0.0350 kg

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