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Yellow Sapphire Cabochons by the Carat

Yellow Sapphire Cabochons by the Carat

Nice selection of Yellow Sapprire Cabochons from Vietnam, crispy yellow to yellow-green. Please contact us if you wish a quotation for calibrated lots.
Sales price $20.00
Base price $20.00
Salesprice with discount


The gem's images are not touched-up with photoshop nor taken in a professional studio.

They are pictures taken indoors and outdoors, with and without light or flash, so you can get an idea of the gemstone as realistic as possible. 

Heated, glass fill
from 5.2mm to 11.6mm
Various Cabochon Cuts

Nice colour zoning in this Trillion cut Citrine (Yellow Quartz)
3ct Citrine Trillion
Sales price $45.00

Buy a Large Blue Zircon Round Calibrated Pair from Cambodia
8mm Calibrated Pair
Sales price $795.00

Sphene pear shape.
1.48 Carats Sphene
Sales price $70.00

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