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 Hi Robert,

About Sunset Ruby:


There are several ruby colors that can be called sunset and I think the color you are looking for is this one. But these are small, about 1/2 carats and below. It's very hard to find this color intensity in a large stone, here there's a 1ct sunset ruby but as you can see it's not very clear, there are a few small fractures within:  



This stone is over 1.5 carats and is pretty cheap at 450$



There are a couple of stones with the color below and they are around 1.8 to 2ct for a price around 1,000 to 1,200$:



There's a good deal on these 2 1ct stones, The owner only sells the pair though, 450$ is the price for the pair:



And finally this one is a very nice stone, there's a tiny break inside but can't be seen from the front, it's well cut.

I think the owner wants a little too much for this one (but I think it's a real Pailin stone, most of the above a probably not); the price for it is 800$ but I think it can be brought down of 100 or 200$:



About Blue Sapphire:

The 2 pictures below show you the color of most Sapphire we get here, as you can see our market is mainly royal blue Sapphire:



But I saw these stones that are closer to what you are looking for;

The 1st one is a wide pear shape, over 2ct, very good quality but I should take more pictures of it if you think the shape and color suits. The owner wants 1250$ for it, but I think this stone can be had for 1000$ and maybe 900$.

The 2 images next to it are a 1ct blue sapphire but I am not sure of the price. I think it is quite cheap, probably around 300$.

The last and 4th image is too small for you, I just put it there to confirm with you that this is the color you want... you'd like this color but 2ct, correct?



Let me know your comments about today's pics. Thanks.

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